How you can earn Crypto on Coinmarketcap

Hello everybody.

I’m going to teach you how to earn cryptocurrency on coinmarketcap with their learn crypto earn crypto app, so sit tight and I’ll explain how before we get into the program and I show you how to earn cryptocurrency.
The first thing I’d like to discuss is the coin market cap and how it works. is a website that allows you to compare the prices of your favorite cryptocurrency. There are also a variety of apps you can use on here to help you understand how each cryptocurrency works. We’ll scroll down a little bit here and as you can see, the prices of each cryptocurrency are all different.
So today is a good day, so you will see the top cryptocurrencies listed below, and of course, there’s a search feature up above if you try to locate a certain cryptocurrency. You can even create a portfolio or a favorite folder, which helps you to easily scan all of your cryptocurrencies at once.

Now, of course, this information would be kept private, so if you wish to keep that information private, don’t fill out the portfolio section. Anyway, as you will see here, there are some links relevant to chain connection, such as the group white paper and the source code, and from here you can find out these resources for yourself and read and appreciate how cryptocurrency functions.

better all right and then of course there is some tools you can use
and many of you who are traders know that this isn’t exactly the most complicated or advanced tools but it is some quickreference tools that you can jump on and check out and you don’t have to draw your own lines or anything this is something for your quick reference and you can check out the day’s different timelines here then at the bottom you can check out the price comparison to usd and BTC and of course, you can change that as well and then you can check out your skills and there are more tools and resources even further down so they’ll tell you about chain link in a brief explanation as well as the exchanges that it is found on all right so this is a helpful tool for you to come on and check out some information all right so let’s go back to the main page and we’ll go to the earning program because there’s one more thing I actually wanted to talk about so if you press to take a quiz take the quiz it’ll bring you to the earning page and from here you can pick out which crypto you actually want to earn but there’s something first that you must check out before you get started all right so it’s just going to take a little second to load here things are a little bit slow for me so if you go over to the faq and you scroll down to who can participate and of course, i encourage you to read this whole thing through and check through the agreement all right so make sure you look through these agreements and understand them so who can participate so you have to sign up for a coin market cap account all right it’s not very hard it takes about five minutes you sign up and then you verify through email all right so the next par is a kyc verified finance account so the cryptocurrency that you earn is deposited
into your Binance account, so it’s very important that you have one now some people may not be able to do KYC and some people may not like to do KYC so if these two things are something or if this is something that you don’t want to do or can’t do then, unfortunately, you won’t be eligible to do this program all right the next thing I want to
talk about is they can only do this once all right so and then that’s it all right next to the people from the following
regions will not be able to participate so this includes people from the u.s the USA and of course all these other
places so if you see your region amongst these areas unfortunately you’re not eligible
all right and the next question that you might ask is once you’ve completed the surveys or sorry the tests the quizzes you will have to actually wait until the promotion is done and then I believe it’s about two weeks after that and then the coins are deposited so you will not receive the coins immediately it will take a little while for you to receive them on a later date all right so let’s jump into a quiz and see how it works now once you’ve set up a coin market cap account and set up a finance account with KYC you can actually come here log in and take the quiz right so you’ll press that button it will take you  page to a page just like this from here you can access various programs
that allows you to earn and while the idea is very similar to the coinbase earn program i do have a couple of videos related to the coinbase earn program
this is a little bit different so as you scroll down you can see there are currently several programs that are live all right and you can do these programs and earn that cryptocurrency and each amount varies a little bit from
the next right and as you scroll down further you’ll see some of the programs that have gone into passive mode
and you can’t actually earn cryptocurrency with these programs however you can still do the process of learning which I still a valuable thing on its show.  so, I encourage you to check out these other programs because part of the value for me at least is learning and understanding different cryptocurrencies
all right so if you uh view this video at a later date this might look very different
all right so these current programs may not be available or campaigns i should say these campaigns may not be available to you there might be some different campaigns that are available to you so let’s jump in to one of these programs and understand
how it works all right so when you jump in of course i um did mention earlier i encourage you to read the faq in terms so you can understand how it works better all right so as you see here you can watch each video all right and then once you
watch each video you’ll be requested to take a quiz and actually i want to jump into a different program here i actually want to go to the sandbox because there is one instruction that you’ll have to do on the sandbox that you won’t see there all right so let’s check out this watch video here so it’s important to watch these videos and as you can see here they’re fairly short they’re straight to
the point and the instructions and information is given clearly now it’s important that when you watch
 each video you remember and understand what it tells you because the information here that you learn and are given is later on uh important in the quizzes all right and you can watch these videos multiple times so let’s say you get distracted
or you didn’t quite understand it you can watch it again and again and again as many times as you need in order to fully understand the information that is given all right now this set does have a different instruction you’ll need to create an account and this instruction actually comes into play and is important in the quiz as they ask you for the email that you created the sandbox with so they verify that you created a sandbox account
and it’s the same as the binance account or coin market cap account i think it’s a coin market cap cap email address anyways it’s important that you’ve not only watched the videos but you follow the instructions that each video gives or each campaign gives and then once you’ve
watched that and gathered all the information you take the quiz and the quiz doesn’t take very long at all i’d say you could probably finish it between two and ten minutes and although the questions are not very hard they’re not exactly either you must have had paid attention to the videos and acquired all the information on there because the quiz questions are related to the stuff that you learn all right and one thing that’s different from the coinbase earn program is that if you get something wrong they don’t tell you it’s wrong so you can submit
the quiz answers wrong and not know and i’m not sure if that makes you become ineligible or not but it’s important for you to be right and i actually was unsure on one of the questions there on one of the quizzes i did so i got my phone out and i double checked my information so I was able to answer the question correctly and there is no time limit so you can take your time and ensure that your answers are answered correctly so you’re ensuring that you will receive
the crypto currency you earn from this program and that’s about it i mean there’s not a whole lot more and they continuously come out with different cryptos so you check back frequently and see if there’s a new program and you know it’s a it’s a pretty cool program right all it costs you is a little bit of your time and a little bit of your effort now um one thing i should state as far as the um coin market cap is concerned is that it is owned by binance and that’s why when you do this earn program the cryptocurrency that you’re that you earn is deposited into your binance account all right so they run this program and this website and it is all related to binance all right so some people may not like a  coin market cap  because it is owned by minants and they  they like to say that they influence the  prices and the market and they don’t really like that now as for myself you know i honestly haven’t noticed anything
i’m not a day trader i don’t need to have accurate prices up to the minute and i additionally use a couple couple
other places where i check my prices so between me not being a heavy user and using additional resources for my prices i’m not really affected or uh do i ever see this sort of thing now if that’s something that concerns you know you don’t have to use this
it’s not like this is coinbase or sorry this coin market cap earned anything is going to make you rich it’s just a few dollars of extra cryptocurrency and it’s also information that you gain from watching these programs so with all that being said i hope you like this video please give me a thumbs up uh if you want other videos pertaining to earning cryptocurrency for free please subscribe and check out some of my other videos i try to do a video every week and try to continuously find ways for people to earn cryptocurrency from little for little to no costs so make sure you subscribe and check out my videos all right that’s about it folks until next time get cleaning


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